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Suits: $60 Female / $35 Male        
Team suits are a requirement for championship meets, but may be purchased any time prior to a meet.  Team suits should be snug-fitting and saved for meets only, as they do stretch considerably. Practice suits can be found in local sporting good stores or swim catalogs (see Sharon).
Female Suit male Suit

Team Caps: $5 Latex / $11 Silicon
Team caps are required at all competitions.

Fins: $25 Paddles $20
Theses items are also stock items and can be purchased at any time.

T-Shirts:  (optional) $15
Available in sizes Small-X-Large, our team wear is 100% cotton and available upon request.  

Backpacks TYR $65 also an excellent choice for swimmers of all ages and abilities, screened with team logo. Goggle saver pouch on inside; reinforced inner pockets; Ipod pocket; suit hanger carabineers on front; large dry compartment; dual side pockets; mesh inserts aide drying Backpack

Team Parkas:  (optional) $120 (prices may vary depending on size of order)
Black nylon hooded jackets with royal blue pile lining. "Lakeridge" is printed on the back in blue block letters outlined in gold.  For an extra $3 charge, it is suggested you have your name embroidered on your parka.  The parkas are about knee length, are warm, durable, and great for swim meets and winter practices.  Order them extra big to make them last.

Please contact Sharon (827-3300 or sharonaw@sbcglobal.net) for all your accessory needs.

NorCal Swim Shop (800) 752-SWIM